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Welcome with breakfast


Who is M2Mcom (Nico Deconinck).


The challenges of Critical Alerting (Nico Deconinck, M2Mcom).


  • Delays due to human latency.

  • Broadcasting critical tasks.

  • Alerts to the rights people. 

  • one channel and one way alerting


Enterprise Alert: The solution for critical alerting and anywhere incident response (Matthes Derdack, Derdack).


  • How Enterprise Alert deals with the challenges of Critical Alerting. 

  • Make sure critical alerts get to the right person, at the right time, no matter the place

  • Unleash the power of anywhere IT operations and incident response.
  • The new features of the latest release.


Get reliably notified from your IoT (Rene Bormann, Derdack).

Join the Belgian premiere of SIGNL4  – a revolutionary cloud service to deliver critical alerts and notifications from IoT sensors and devices to operations staff on duty. SIGNL4 provides for a fast and effective incident response in manufacturing, maintenance and field service scenarios. See how it complements with IoT platforms like AWS IoT and what IoT can deliver to your business.


Lunch + possibility to talk to product experts.


February, 15th 2019

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